Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about BAM.

*What type(s) of music do you play?

B.A.M.! is prepared to play whatever music it takes to make your party a success.  Since you and you’re guests have a variety of music tastes, we carry a variety of music to satisfy those tastes.  Top 40, Hip Hop (new and old school), Country, Adult Contemporary, Nostalgia, Big Band, Polkas, Salsa, etc.

*How big is your music library?

The B.A.M.! library is constantly growing.  While we try to carry the most popular songs(those huge in terms of radio airplay as well as those most requested); we’re always adding more.  It’s not unusual to add 40 to 50 songs every month.  Still, it’s almost physically impossible to have every song to meet every request.

*What if there’s a song I request that’s not in your library?

As part of our B.A.M.! service, we meet with you prior to your party to go over special song requests(as well as songs you don’t want played) to determine exactly what you need.  If we don’t have it, we’ll make the necessary arrangements to get it(them).

*Do you charge for mileage?

B.A.M.! does not charge a mileage fee if your event is within a 30 mile radius of North Liberty, IA.  A mileage fee applies after the 30 mile, but we only charge one-way to reach your destination.

*What type of experience do you have?

Owner Mark Pitz has 15 years and counting in mobile DJ experience including almost the last decade in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Corridor.  Additionally, Mark is the “Real Deal” DJ with 3-decades experience as an actual radio DJ.  He’s worked in a variety of music formats which greatly assists him matching the music to the age of the crowd.  (You can hear Mark on iHeartRadio stations in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area including 100.7 The Fox, 800 KXIC, 600 WMT, Y95.7, 96.5 KISS Country)

*What venues have you deejayed at?

There aren’t many places in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids area Mark has not played at. Many of the area hotels are familiar with his work and often recommend him to their customers.

*What’s your “style” when you DJ?

While we’re not as boisterous as some DJs, we’re not the type to sit and hide behind our equipment either.  Mark likes to pick his spots knowing there’s a time when he needs to “pump up the party” but at the same time not stealing the spotlight.  More often than not, if the music we play keeps things hoppin,’ there’s little need for us to say a whole lot.  Let the music do the “talkin.”

*What kind of light show do you offer?

B.A.M.! currently offers a modest light show that certainly adds to the atmosphere of the party.  Most lights are LED which are brighter, last longer and require less power to run(reducing chances of overloading electric circuits). At the same time, we’re firmly believe that it’s the music that drives the party.  In other words, people dance to the music, not the lights.  Still, it’s nice to have some bells and whistles, too.

*How do you decide what music to play?

First and foremost, you’re the boss. That’s why we meet prior to your event to discuss the playlist.  We’ll go over special requests, what to play, what not to play, etc.  Then, during the course of your dance, we’ll use that playlist as a guide for the night while also playing whatever type of music that’s keeping your guests on the dance floor.  You “ride that wave” until the activity on the dance floor indicates it’s time to go in a new direction.

*Do you take requests?

Yes! We’re always open to requests from your guests and we’ll do our best to play requests.  At the same time, we weigh how that song fits with what we’re playing at the time; whether we think the song will have a positive reaction(after all our goal is to keep as many people on the dance floor as possible); whether the requested song might be offensive to people.  (With the latter in mind, we usually carry the “radio edit” of songs with any questionable lyrics.)

*Will you make announcements during the course of our event?

Absolutely! We’re your master of ceremonies and we’ll make as many announcements as you need us to.  It’s all included with your purchase of B.A.M.! services.

*What sets B.A.M.! Productions apart from the other guys?

Owner Mark Pitz is a real DJ with three decades of radio experience.  He’s worked in various music formats(Top 40/Hip Hop; Country; Adult Contemporary; Big Band/Nostalgia) which provide him a great background for matching music with the audience.  Mark also been deejaying in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Corridor for over 10 years and knows most of the venues well.  Additionally, we get a lot of positive feedback on our selection of dinner music for wedding receptions and for keeping dinner music at a level so your guests can hold conversations without having to compete with the music that’s too loud.

*Do you provide services other than mobile DJ?

Yes, B.A.M.! Productions is a mobile DJ first and foremost, but we can also provide voiceover talents for real estate videos, instructional videos, on-hold phone messages, radio and/or TV commercials.  Owner Mark Pitz has appeared on camera and he can also write and/or produce radio ads.

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